Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Victorian House Renovation

Slowly but surely the work has continued but since the summer arrived I managed to get the house outside and do the really messy sanding job. I removed all the lumps and slurries of dried plaster that were spoiling the outside walls. It is now smooth and ready for the new paint. I plan to add sand for some texture.

 The paving slabs have been removed but I shall keep the grey tiles on the roof.
The shop windows were held in with two screws so I removed them and was able to disconnect the roller blinds and will be able to put in new ones when I've made them.

My dilemma is whether to decorate the outside first or the inside. 
Any suggestions?
I hope you're having a sunny weekend,

Monday, January 9, 2017

Retro Cushions

My little retro scene of 60s and 70s was sadly lacking. Considering the humungous  amount of cushions I make every year I have never made any for this scene.

I have two fabulous chairs made by Kris Kompas that I was creating the scene around.
I bought a table, chairs and wall unit from a lady on Face Book because they resembled the G-Plan furniture my parents bought in the 70s.
I stitched the small rug and my old friend, Bob made the wooden coffee table which displays the fruit made by Bel in a turned wooden bowl I bought on the internet but it was so long ago I can't remember and I didn't keep details, I'm very cross with myself as I usually keep note.
So, this morning I made two cushions, and already the scene has livened up a bit.

Typically, I have more waiting to be made up so that's my job for today.
Happy Monday!